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Rotating Fridge Trays

To avoid unnecessary spoilage.
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Anyone who has a family and thusly a full fridge knows two things: Space is tight, and foodstuffs that are ignored gradually get pushed to the back of the fridge, where they fossilize, to the joy and amazement of generations to come. However, this latter fact is at fault for the first. Most people don't clean out their fridges often. Hence, the rotating fridge trays. They are supported by three little wheel-y bits-- two wheels used to turn the tray. Now, there *is* no back of the fridge-- all items are accessable. The wheeled runners on two sides of the fridge can re removed for maitenance-- either oiling of the wheels, or to remove trays for cleaning. Thanks.
watermelancholy, Jul 22 2002

A round fridge. http://www.halfbake...20round_20fridge_2e
A similar idea by the venerable Rayfo. [Aristotle, Jul 23 2002]

lazy susan thing to go inside http://www.organize...com/fridlazsus.html
first result from google on "lazy susan refrigerator" [sappho, Jul 23 2002]

Concept Art http://forums.mtgne...5018f&postid=978445
Poorly done, but hopefully of some use. [watermelancholy, Jul 24 2002]

(?) Check this sucker out http://www.antiquea...ces.com/1956_ge.htm
First time I'd searched for one on the web - Doh! Thanks for the hint, sappho [thumbwax, Jul 24 2002]


       Or you could rotate the whole fridge and have a back door on it.
FarmerJohn, Jul 22 2002

       If me having less space in my fridge also means that the gauva halves that I purchased at the weekend will not turn into a cultured lifeform then thats good enough for me ! jam with your croissant choly ?
The_Englishman_Abroad, Jul 22 2002

       Why thank you [englishman.] I might like to add that because of the added space warranted by the rotation ability, fridges could instead be rather large counter top appliance-- saving even more space. Perfect for appartments or the dreaded studio.
watermelancholy, Jul 22 2002

       I put a Lazy Susan in my fridge for this very porpoise.
Quite useful - Only fair to point out that the Lazy Susan was not originally designed for this cold storage porpoise, nor have I seen any advertised as such.
It is small enough to allow 4 can/bottle sized items to fit behind it, large enough to access 9-12 too-tall-for-fridge-door items without fuss or bother.
The Lazy Susan can be used sans wheels. as it spins just fine on wire rack - or can be used with microwave spinner which has wheels. The first alternative is cheapest - mine was 99 cents.
thumbwax, Jul 23 2002

       So this is three-quarters baked?
watermelancholy, Jul 23 2002

       Are these rotating trays round? If so, what happens to the spaces in the corners of the fridge. Or are you suggesting a round fridge too?
TwoSheds, Jul 23 2002

       Doesn't seem to be baked per se - Haven't seen a "Refridgerator Lazy Susan" though I've looked. In my case, all I did was adapt. Were a prototype to be made, I suppose it would be best to have ventilation - whether holes or grates - on the surface to encourage cold air circulation. As for space lost - it's minimal if the device its elf is @ 30 cm/1 ft. This also leaves the option of being able to put other items in a row in front or back, or for simple rearranging without having to empty 1/2 an elf.
That thing looks like it could hold quite a few croissants.
thumbwax, Jul 23 2002

       Too bad for her. She's too lazy for anything else.
thumbwax, Jul 23 2002

       I don't think I'm getting the image you're intending.   

       What I am visualizing is a redesigned refrigerator which is a squat cylinder shape resting on its side, like a wheel. The door slides up into a pocket to open, and inside are a series of shelves all anchored to a central axis, which rotates to bring the shelves to the door area, in the manner of a Ferris wheel. Up and down buttons would control the rotation of the shelf anchor wheel.   

       This is something like the design of the police cruisers in "Minority Report".
waugsqueke, Jul 23 2002

       [waugs], that's almost--but not entirely-- completely unlike my thought. It'd be an upright cyclinder-- a cube, if only to better fit in kitchens-- with disc shaped trays without any sort of axis. There'd be wheels attached to the sides, and the discs could be rotated. Using a phillip's head, one could unscrew and remove the bits with the wheels affixed to the sides for cleaning the wheels, or to remove the trays. I'll try and draw it out. Thanks.
watermelancholy, Jul 23 2002

       Truly inspired.   

       Can I have mine motorised please, gently rotating and offering the goodies?
drew, Jul 24 2002

       I don't think a motor would be all that helpful, frankly. But if you're THAT lazy...
watermelancholy, Jul 24 2002

       I would go along with the annotation under "round fridge" that a round fridge might be good iff the compressor and coils could be located in the rear corners. Such a fridge could actually increase the amount of usable space per floor volume if the interior of it could reach almost to the back wall. Unfortunately, most floor plans are laid out for non-square rectangular fridges, but if this concept were applied to a side-by-side it might work out nicely.
supercat, Jul 24 2002

       This would be great for a dorm fridge. Then you could make it so there is a central spinning part with a stool on top so you could sit on the whole thing and spin around on it until you get dizzy. I think this is a great idea.
polartomato, Jul 25 2002


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