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Automobile Scuff Pads

A clean seat is a happy seat.
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I notice that in most any car, one will see a _lot_ of muck and footprints on the back of the driver's and front passenger's seats. Many people, from children all the way to one's coworkers, have a habit of putting their soles up against the back. I propose a removable brillo-like pad that extends across the bottom of the car, under the doors. With a quick scuff of their feet across the pads, they spare their friendly driver the agony and heartbreak of dirty seats.
watermelancholy, Jul 28 2002


       Like a second carpet?

I have rubber mats in my car, and they kick much ass.
AfroAssault, Jul 28 2002

       no, on the outside of the car-- like, on the bottom of the outside of the door.
watermelancholy, Jul 28 2002

       //spare their friendly driver the agony and heartbreak of dirty seats//   

       Instead they get the joy and love of a dirty scuff pad? Right?
[ sctld ], Jul 28 2002

       Right. Because they're easier to clean than seats.
watermelancholy, Jul 28 2002

       Why not just move the fornt seat back far enough to sto kids doing this stuff. Its fun for the people in the front seats, and terribly constricting for the children. Win-win.
[ sctld ], Jul 28 2002

       Kids _aren't_ the only ones to do this. moreover, what if one doesn't _want_ to move their seat so far front that they become romantically entangles with the steering wheel?
watermelancholy, Jul 28 2002

       I meant for them to move the car seat _backwards_. And if kids aren't the only ones doin' it, then where were their mothers when they were being told proper car etiquette? Why are these people even allowed in the car if they're going to make such as mess? Especially with leather seats?
[ sctld ], Jul 28 2002

       The vile carpool, of course.
watermelancholy, Jul 28 2002

       Good idea. Take my croissant and wipe your feet as you go, please.
polartomato, Jul 29 2002

       I thought these scuff pads would be on the outside of the car - on the corners of the front and rear bumpers, which get scuffed when parking (in London). Cheap, disposable plastic scuff pads would be very useful.
hippo, Jul 29 2002

       I just tend not to allow muddy-footed careless bastards in my lovely little car.
yamahito, Jul 29 2002

       Same here, but there could well be situations where protocol demands that you do so (school run, frinstance).
angel, Jul 29 2002

       my mother wipes her feet when she *leaves* my house. I expect she would do the same if I let her in a car I was driving, but I wouldn't do that because she yelps when a car 100 feet in front begins to brake, and holds onto the door handle when going round corners. A more nervous passenger I have never met.
sappho, Jul 29 2002

       [[]], my point is that these don't damage the appearance of the car.
watermelancholy, Jul 29 2002

       i think the problem is with getting in the car, not actually naughty people's roving feet. It's the act of getting ones feet into the footwell that causes- often accidentally- the brushing across the back of the seat, thus scuffing it (not merely planting footprints). For this reason the scuff pads idea is thoroughly valid for even the cleanest feeted passengers.   

       Of course, there are some aesthetic issues here- the pads would have be colour co-ordinated for a funky two-tone effect. (or two-textured effect...)
timo, Jul 29 2002


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