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Takes the hurt out of sewing or filing.
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As anyone that has just begun needlepoint or a filing job, beginnings can be painful. Using a laser (those things can do /anything/) one's fingertips can be temporarily calloused-- so papercuts and pin pokes don't pack such a punch. Thanks.
watermelancholy, Jul 23 2002

Half-Baked http://www.halfbake...20guitar_20calluses
Same idea - "peel em off the sheet, and stick em on your fingers" - different use. Note the more common spelling of callus. [DrCurry, Jul 23 2002]

Callousing Cream http://www.halfbake.../callousing_20cream
Apply a bit of this. [waugsqueke, Jul 23 2002]


       Ever heard of thimbles...? (Won't help with the paper cuts, but someone beat you to the punch on instant calluses.)
DrCurry, Jul 23 2002

       Quite *handy* for guitarists who like heavy guage strings - better tone, ya know. I use all 5 digits on each hand - playing fingerstyle.
Factoid: Japanese accidentally discovered the main ingredient of superglue, cyanoacrylate, was chemically attracted to fingerprints. War Medics put it to good use as a skin sealant.
thumbwax, Jul 23 2002


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