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Activecarbon Tie

Gas mask and odour filtering tie
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When faced with a bad smell or smoke, it's natural to use the upper portion of one's tie as an impromptu gas-mask. I suggest tie inserts filled with activated carbon that can be used to protect against these foul odors.
FloridaManatee, Mar 18 2004


       Yes ! Could actually use this as a weapon, with the dark portion of the tie an active carbon filter and a lighter portion as a scratch-and-sniff cyanide release mechanism.   

       I'll just get back to my boys comics again now.
Bobble, Mar 18 2004

       Beats the heck out of the funny looks you get if you went out in public carrying or wearing an actual gas mask.
krelnik, Mar 18 2004

       Probably a bit easier to take on a plane as well.   


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