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FYI Tie Sales Inducing Splash Sink

Business Plan
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Sink designed to splash in such a way to create embarrassing pants discoloration. FYI Tie dispenser to be mounted nearby. Recommended for restrooms adjacent to "green rooms".
Worldgineer, Mar 08 2012

FYI Tie FYI_20Tie
[Worldgineer, Mar 08 2012]


       If you wear a tie printed with "Ask me about the FYI Tie Sales Inducing Splash Sink," would that be a FYI Tie Sales Inducing Splash Sink Sales Inducing Tie?
mouseposture, Mar 09 2012

       Between the two of us, [Worldgineer], we will own this town. [+]
MikeD, Mar 09 2012

       These are baked at every restaurant I've ever been to on a date.
RayfordSteele, Mar 09 2012

       [Ray] My friend's dog does that too when she gets excited, so they usually keep her outside. Maybe just avoid drinking before and during the date?
Worldgineer, Mar 12 2012

       You, your friend, or the dog ... ?
8th of 7, Mar 12 2012

Worldgineer, Mar 14 2012

       This has gotten out of hand. (Waves at Worldgineer.)
blissmiss, Mar 14 2012

       I don't think hands really have much to do with the core problem...
Alterother, Mar 14 2012


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