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Big Toe Nail Trimmer

Conventional Clippers Don't Work Well and No One Seems to Sell Them
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Perhaps some company already makes one, but I've yet to find a Special Clipper / Trimmer for Big Toe Nails . Even the bigger conventional type clippers available such as from Revlon don't cut it right. One problem is that the clipping edge is not long enough and another problem is that the cutting edge is too curved. These two problems together makes it too difficult to make an even edge with the correct gradual curve.

I've been searching for such a product for a long time and had no luck trying to ask at a mall manicure salon, those seem to concentrate on fingers, not pedicure for toe-nails and the wonderous specialty of big toes. Some companies make pliers( similar to wire cutters ) which cost about 20-30 X the price of the common nail clipper : http://www.drfoot.co.uk/acatalog/nailclipper.jpg

Here is a company which sells a variety of finger and toe nail cutting tools.

http://www.footsmart.com . But they don't have anything special for the big toe.

For fingers and small toes, the big versions of the conventional nail clippers are wonderful. They cost only about One US Dollar, are compact (especially since the lever folds), work in the blink of an eye, are accurate with little skill, and last seemingly a lifetime. Aren't they wonderful ? Who invented them anyway ? Bless them whoever they are. There should be a life-sized statue of them, maybe redo a Napoleon statue in Paris.

Now if someone would make an even bigger version with a gradual curve in the cutter and more leverage.

Maybe it could be a double clipper with a smaller size on one end and a bigger one on the opposing end.

Mitch Casto

mcasto, Jan 15 2004




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