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Nail Gums

Soft gums that hold your nail
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This is a medium-hard rubber insert that is placed and glued just inside the cutting edge of a nail clipper.

When a nail is inserted and clipped, the soft rubber holds onto the nail, that would have otherwise flown across the room, until the user opens the tool. The user then can examine with pride, the size and thickness of the nail, before disposing it at leisure.

mylodon, Jan 16 2015


       Cool. You should have the same rubber pad outside of the cutting edges to keeping from cutting a nail to-the-quick without even having to look.   

       There are lots of nail clippers with nail capture devices.
bungston, Jan 17 2015

       I was hoping for rapid sidewalk gum installer.   

       (Gum is so much fun to step in, drag home, and grind into the carpet.)
popbottle, Jan 18 2015


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