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Bone Saw Nail Cutter

For those gnarled thick nails.
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Toenail health. It can be a problem. Somefolks have nails so thick and gnarled that they are more like a heap of nail matter on the toe than a proper nail. Such nails are hard to cut, to say the least. A conventional toenail trimeer cannot gape wide enough to accomodate them. Some folks resort to a cutting pliers type apparatus, but the torque and pressure required threatens to pull the entire nail from the bed - ow. Another possibility is a rotating burr or abrasive, although that would convert the nail into a considerable quantity of dust, and also could damage the flesh underneath when you got down to it.

I propose that bone saws be adapted for toenail cutting. Bone saws are nifty in that they vibrate very fast, but very little. Unyielding things like bone (and wood! see link) are cut easily, but flesh is not.

A small tool based on the bone saw could be useful for trimming thick, hard nails. If the user accidentally cut through and onto the toe, he or she could back off before the flesh was damaged.

bungston, Jan 25 2005

A guy shows off his bone saw. http://www.frets.co...oneSaw/bonesaw.html
[bungston, Jan 25 2005]

(??) This is the sort of nail I mean. http://images.googl...safe%3Doff%26sa%3DN
Only the Google thumbnail is here. Maybe that is for the best. [bungston, Jan 25 2005]

Proper trimmer and rasp http://www.jeffersl...465&dept_id=527&r=1
pedicure for the gnarly [lintkeeper2, Jan 25 2005]

Onychomycosis http://www.skinsite...o_onychomycosis.htm
[Klaatu, Jan 25 2005]


       This reminds me of a blackadder gag about cutting toenails with a scythe....
RichieRich, Jan 25 2005

       Aren't thick, gnarled toenails indicative of a fungal infection of the nailbed?
bristolz, Jan 25 2005

       [bungston], I now find you a little less attractive.
lintkeeper2, Jan 25 2005

       Good thing I started with plenty of attractiveness to spare. [bris] - yes, often it is. Nail fungus is really hard to cure and even if you get rid of it, it usually comes back. A scheme I have not posted here (yes, there are some) involves mixing tincture of iodine with toenail polish as a cure for nail fungus. It really amazes me that such a product is not available, as a google for nail fungus shows that just about everything under the sun is being used for this problem.
bungston, Jan 25 2005

       I have a nail, nearly detached to the luna and to its midline, that was injured 4 - 5 months ago and is now half grown out and has reconfigured itself to _normal_ nail matter. Can't stipulate to its effectiveness, but I swear by tea tree oil to avoid the whole fungus complication.   

       BTW: the whole groty nail thing -- yuck! I agree a better tool is in order even for the podiatrists with whom I work who don't seem to care much about these things.
reensure, Jan 25 2005

       Bone rongeurs have always worked well in the E.R. for trimming fungal nails <link>.   

       They have many FDA approved treatments to cure fungal nails now.
Klaatu, Jan 25 2005

       Just watch the saw doesn't get hot. I have a burn scar from a cast saw blade that over heated.
oneoffdave, Jan 25 2005

       Ethnicity has much to do with the thickness of finger, and toe nails. Asian and African Americans tend to have much stronger nails, than say, Anglos. They also tend to grow them longer, and in some instances, it is a sign of good health.   

       Nail fungus on the other hand, (or foot), taint good. (Has anyone seen that horrid commerical where a purple monster is living under the nail of some poor clueless sap?)
blissmiss, Jan 25 2005


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