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Airport nailclipping service

"Nails! Nails! Clip yer nails! Come on - only 50p!"
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If you travel by air with just handluggage as many business travellers do, invariably you get to your destination and find that your nails need clipping and so you have to go and buy a nailclipper because you no longer travel with one in your handluggage because they all get confiscated.

So, this idea is not for a full-service manicurist, but simply for a security-cleared person to wander around departure lounges, where people have lots of spare time, offering to clip passengers' nails.
hippo, May 23 2006

you trying to put us out of business? drive-thru_20chiropodists
[po, May 23 2006]

'air cuts, pedicures _27Air_20Cuts
sorry, already half baked. [neilp, May 23 2006]


       I wish I could give this more than one bun. Supremely elegant logic, dear [hippo]!
moomintroll, May 23 2006

       I've always felt a bit sorry for manicurists and pedicurists because, after all, you never know what you're about to find underneath a stranger's nails (ew)... but since these airport security people are always rude, paranoid and taking our things away, I wouldn't mind having one of them clip my toe nails... so, BUN!
Pericles, May 23 2006

       no, [po], no one's trying to put you out of business. They're providing services for people traveling by plane, whilst your target is represented by american drivers, if i got it right.
sweet, May 23 2006

       oh, that's o.k. then dear.
po, May 23 2006

       Would you charge by the finger to the customer or award it as a public service contract and pay the clipper by the pound for nails clipped?
JeffG, May 23 2006

       hello Jeff, welcome - I thought we were talking toes.
po, May 23 2006

       I thought this was all about DNA collection, as part of the increasingly scary passport check-in service.   

       Nor can you take an umbrella on a flight any more.
rubyminky, May 23 2006

       half baked already (see link) - I'd use one.
neilp, May 23 2006


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