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Chin-pit Deodorant

Keep a Prominent Chin Spring Fresh
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I have a prominent chin and I have a chin pit.

Someone was kind enough to point out after I had washed my face that my chin pit has its own distinctive scent!

There are all manner of hair care products, and skin cleansers and all types of deodorants so why not a deodorant stick just for a chin?

I envision an applicator the size of a lip balm. Could be a double ended version lip balm on one side and chin deodorant on the other.

Not certain what I would want by way of scents to choose from but it should defeat the smell.

vfrackis, Mar 14 2009

His is reeeaally deep. http://haysvillelib...elect-a-postscript/
[blissmiss, Mar 14 2009]


       Abraham Lincoln would give you a big smelly kiss!
blissmiss, Mar 14 2009

       take some time start noticing chins
vfrackis, Mar 14 2009


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