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GM Modified Sneaker Bacteria

Rid your pumps of that parmesan/gorgonzola
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I believe that the stinky sneaker/trainers/pumps, whatever you want to call them is caused by bacterial waste products. Could geneticists modify these bacteria so that there effluent gases are sweet smelling...perhaps French lavender or gingered orange or something?

Of course these new bacteria would be more virulent than the regular strain and would eliminate the nasty smelling ones.

I don't usually support genetic modification, but this could be a winner for me.

CustardCurtains, Sep 05 2001

Odor-Eating Bacteria http://www.halfbake...s_20running_20shoes
[jutta, Sep 05 2001]


       GM WIBNI blah [mfd]?
egnor, Sep 08 2001

       Boned, as egnor said.
StarChaser, Sep 08 2001

       They are already working on such a thing but it involves the bacteria in your mouth. However it does not make it smell sweet it just eliminates the acid the bacteria produces.
StonedRaider, Aug 21 2002


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