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Mood BO

AI Enabled Body Odo(u)r (or automatic perfume adjuster – the cartridge is your choice)
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This device detects moods much like a polygraph in that it measures physiological responses (heart, respiratory, electro-dermal) in various situations. Additionally, it dispenses odors appropriately. It is a small device that sits flush with the skin, held in place by a comfortable adjustable elastic belt (under your shirt/blouse/dress…) There are four small “easy navigation” smell buttons on the underside: Fresh, Neutral, Stink, and Override.

Initially you ‘train’ the device by discretely pushing the appropriate button(s) for the given circumstance. If someone you like is approaching you (or you’re approaching them), press the ‘Fresh’ button. If someone you dislike is coming your way, press the ‘Stink’ button. – They’ll leave quickly.

The chip contained within ‘learns’ via a very simple AI (Artificial Intelligence - expert system type) ruleset. Once you are confident it has learned your physiological responses to people, you can let it fly on it’s own.

The scents themselves are dispensed via a horizontally layered replaceable scent cartridge with a ‘windowed’ film covering. The opening moves to uncover the scent required for the situation at hand. Scented cartridges are available in many fragrance combinations of course.

V2.0 includes monitoring of blood pressure and adrenaline levels as well.

Shz, Feb 11 2003


       Heh, cool. Cockroaches emit an odour when they are pissed off or scared, can't tell which, and ants use different odours for basic communication. This could be the next step of our (d)evolution!
RoboBust, Feb 11 2003

       The odors dispensed by this "odor dispenser" - seems like they are the key to whether this gizmo works or not, right? So, like, what are they, chemically? Suspicious lack of info on that, bro (sis?). Hey, I'm with you in spirit. The pheromones are probably a lot more important than we realize. "Bad chemistry" between you and that objec of yo desire is more than a metaphor, for sure. BUT, last I heard, research in that area is still in its diapers, So, here you are all-of-a-sudden with THE four chemical compounds that do it all - see what I'm saying?
uncaff, Feb 11 2003

       Smells good = attractive. Smells bad = unattractive. I’ll leave the pheromones to someone who understands them. Curious what the four chemical compounds are though. - Four chemical bases perhaps?
Shz, Feb 11 2003

       Oh, for goodness' sake, just buy the stuff in bottles like everyone else!
DrCurry, May 21 2003


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