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Good Scents Bacteria

The genetically engineered solution to chronic halitosis and other personal odor issues.
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Why couldn't we alter the properties of the odor causing bacteria that is considered offensive in many social situations? There is definitely a market for it, as the popularity of breath mints and odoreaters. You could make the engineered bacteria compete and crowd out the foul smelling natural ones. Good Scents can be manufactured to smell like popular fragrances. For example, you could have your body eminate the patchouli smell, rather than have to apply it to your unbathed body to mask the natural body odor.
subpop, May 30 2001


       ....you came up with this idea after trying your last one didn't you.... ;-)
Susen, May 30 2001

       If a particular species of mouth-bug produces a foul smell as a kind of side effect of its metabolism, it might be possible to alter it just a tiny bit and in a way which doesn't affect the bug very much. I'm thinking of the famous red-eyed fruitflies, which function just fine despite being bred for their unnatural eye color.
Dog Ed, May 31 2001

       My understanding is that people with good breath often have it because they happen to have good-smelling mouth flora. Perhaps these peoples' bacteria could be bred and adapted to other peoples' mouths. Some way would have to be found to give the new bacteria an advantage over the existing, bad-smelling bacteria, though.
wiml, May 31 2001

       The problem is already being worked on; the good-smelling bacteria are giving their human hosts a breeding advantage.
hello_c, Jun 04 2001


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