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Fire Tires

Best used on De Loreans
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Just in front of the rear tires is mounted a peculiar contraption. Comprised of a motorized paintbrush-like apparatus and fuel tank, Fire Tires allow the user to create spectacular luminous trails behind their vehicle.

As the car approaches 88 mph, the fibrous tendrils engage with the tires, painting the treads, and thus the road, with a flammable liquid. A small pilot light at the base of the tires serves to ignite the liquid trail.

By altering the amount and composition of the fuel, the trails can be varied in length, color, and intensity. A safety mechanism ensures the trails will not be active at low speeds, and will immediately shut off if vehicle temperatures exceed a certain threshold.

Aq_Bi, Oct 07 2005


       OK, what happens when I stop? Does a flame retardent foam sort of spray out over the still flaming tires? Or does the paintbrush stop painting the flammable liquid once the car slows to below 88mph? Or does my imminent departure to timezones herewitheld make it irrelevant?   

       [+] for the eye candy. [-] for the movie references since vehicular flaming trails brings up images of Die Hard 2 (or is it 3?)
Dog, Oct 07 2005

       Probably wouldn't go over real big on the freeway.
DukTape, Oct 07 2005

       [tape]Au contrair.... it'd probobly discourage tailgating...   

       [dog] Are you thinking about Die hard 1 where there is a big flaming trail of Jet Fuel from the airliner?
jong-scx, Oct 07 2005

       The controller would be linked to the speedometer, stopping the fuel flow at lower speeds. Even a skidding stop will leave a safe distance between the car and any flame.   

       Fireproofing the tires might not even be nessesary. They are never meant to be ignited, but rather are used to leave a tread of liquid fuel on the road. Most fuels will have a difficult time keeping ablaze with high wind speeds anyway.
Aq_Bi, Oct 07 2005

       The movie reference is from Back To The Future.
Adze, Oct 07 2005

       +1 for the Back to the Future Reference. It's even somewhat plausible - so good work on that one.
Tomak, Oct 07 2005

       Thanks for that [adze] - I couldn't figure out a deLorean reference that related to flaming tyre tracks at 88mph.
coprocephalous, Oct 07 2005

       [jong-scx]: Die Hard 2 (Die Harder) is the one with the jetliner. Die Hard one has a helicopter and Alan Rickman. Die Hard 3 is the one with the three-gallon jug, the five-gallon jug, and the bomb that can only be disabled by a jug with four gallons in it.
shapu, Oct 07 2005

       fill the three gallon bucket with the five gallon bucket to measure two gallons, twice.
schmendrick, Oct 07 2005

       And where do you put the two gallons of water while you're measuring for the second time?   

       The full solution is fill the three gallons from the five gallons to get two, then empty the three and pour the two into it. Then fill the three again with the (re-filled) five, which leaves four in it.
5th Earth, Mar 24 2007


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