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High Pressure Rim Washers

Because brake dust isn't good
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A probem I've seen in a lot of high performance cars (especially German ones for some reason, could be the large brakes) is that after a while their rims (which are often expensive) get coated in brake dust. Other than the fact that it makes the rims look dirty and visually unappealing, brake dust, if left untouched, can actually leave pits and scratches on the rims. Most car washes don't do much for the rims and neither does rain, because even when water comes into contact with the rims it still doesn't always wash the dust off unless at high pressure.

I propose for each tire/rim a high pressure nozzle is mounted in the wheel well. By command of the driver (or whoever wishes to hit the button in the cabin with a picture of a wheel on it), each nozzle is extended sideways out of the wheel well and releases a high pressure jet of water onto the rim to clean it. This would only work when the car is moving, since otherwise the focused jet would only wash a very small part of the rim.

acurafan07, May 12 2007


       Water+spinning wheels=slide=crash.
Maltese lunatic, May 12 2007

       Should only work when you are driving between twenty and forty miles per hour.   

       Oh, and I would HATE the automatic aspect. On demand, good, automatic, Distraction city.   

       "Honestly officer, I was driving along, minding my own business when I heard a hiss and a rattle coming from all four wheels. I was so distracted that I did not see the kindergarteners duckling and puppy parade.."
Galbinus_Caeli, May 12 2007

       Good point, I'll take that out. Btw, the jets would only spray water onto the rims, not the tires. Even if a little water happens to get on the tires, it would only be the sidewalls.
acurafan07, May 12 2007


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