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colored tires

vanity item
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With the advent of customized smaller vehicles lowered to within an inch of the ground, it seems only a matter of time before those drivers demand one more thing to to stand out from the crowd. In addition to spending thousands on lowering their chassis and installing ground-rattling stereos, these drivers would LOVE to have tires that match the color of their vehicle! Goodyear, Firestone, Michelin....are you listen
dave, Jul 18 2000

(??) colored tires http://www.automag..../990808_content.asp
Baked. Tires with colored stripes (circumferential) of red, yellow, or blue were sold in the US under the BF Goodrich lable (owned by Michelin) lastyear. Some sources peg the earliest availability of such tires as occurring in 1996. [jplummer, Jul 18 2000, last modified Oct 04 2004]

roll-your-own https://customcolor...e/frames.d2w/report
Turns out they're customizable, within certain limits. [jplummer, Jul 18 2000, last modified Oct 04 2004]

drewid's link http://www.cycletir...m/bikerbpress02.htm
"the coloured tyres will be produced in blue, red or yellow...for sports motorcycles on the road." [krelnik, Oct 04 2004]

Baking at Goodyear http://www.cnn.com/...31/no.rubber.tires/
"Goodyear Tires Thursday announced it is moving forward in the development of a non-rubber, blowout-proof tire for cars that could come in any color of the rainbow." [krelnik, Oct 04 2004]

(?) Amerityre http://www.amerityr...oducts/prodinfo.htm
Here's what Goodyear was planning to license. [krelnik, Oct 04 2004]


       I imagine some spraypaint and stencils could work wonders.
nick_n_uit, Sep 25 2000

       Saw an advertisement from waaaaaay back that had little lights embedded in the sidewalls of the tires, so they'd give a ring of light as you drove. Looked cool as hell, but apparently the idea bombed monstrously. They had a demo of six or eight 50's cars driving around at night...
StarChaser, Sep 25 2000

       would it havr the same effect as skate wheels that weaken if you have sill coloured ones ratehr then plane?
lost_not_Found, May 30 2001

       i read somewhere that california was considering banning coloured tires because it would be another way for street gangs to identify themselves, or something like that.
mihali, May 30 2001

       nanook means polar bear
technobadger, May 30 2001

       Damn! From the title I thought this would be advocating tires that changed colour the longer you drove on them. (e.g. Blue=good, green=kinda worn, red=need a change.)   

       Anyone else play PitStop for the C64 in their youth?
MrWrong, May 30 2001

       Those are sorta-baked...Popular Science had tires with red wear indicators in the treads. Thought it was a cool idea, m'self...
StarChaser, Jun 01 2001

       i say the stripes are not a true baking. but the tires are in the oven. goodyear is working on urethane tires right now that will be able to be made in any color, not just black with stripes.
dj_photon, Oct 17 2001

       I'd be cool if they came in tie-die, it would show up after a coupla of miles and it would constantly change, finally getting to a plain pink when they were worn
Veritas, Feb 10 2003

       I think tie-die is a nice idea, but who would want to pay the additional cost for them, when the average consumer doesn't even pay attention to the tires they already have until they go flat anyway? I am very glad to hear that Goodyear has taken the initiative to go ahead and try to research (hopefully) solid colored tires. That will secure their lead in the tire production market. There is a definite euro car craze going on now, and consumers would love that. They are already buying colored wheels and painting their brakes!!! :^) Why not get the tires to match? Take it from me, I'm 22. Teens (or rather 'youth' as a whole) dressing up their cars has always been part of popular youth culture. Now that we have new technology we can do a few other things. Colored tires are not all that wacky. It's just another part of dressing up your car. Here is a little automobile slang for all you 'squares' and tire producers out there. We refer to tires as "shoes" where I'm from. Wheels/rims are referred to as "laces". Keeping that in mind, think about what youthful consumers have demanded and purchased in regard to their REAL shoes, and picture the possibilities for the colored tire market. There are endless possibilities. Oh, and I would keep Nike out of this. Sure they might be able to come up with some awesome ideas, but then the tire companies would have to share the money with them! What tire company would want that? There's already going to be a limit on the price range for this particular market, because its consumers typically haven't acquired a reliable source of income. Also, as with every successive generation, parents (the established high income consumers) are typically slow to get into the trend. I have yet to see very many adults with a nice set of rims on their cars. A few have started to catch on, but the majority only admire and leave the purchasing to someone else. I am interested to find out how well BFGoodrich has done with their striped tires. I think the stripe thing was a sheepish step forward. Low profile solid colored tires are what will draw the real tire consumers. Adding a few of BFGoodrich's colored stripes in contrasting colors would help out too. And whatever happened to those so called "gangster" white walls. It's hard to find those things these days, especially in low profile tires. Their popularity should definitely resurface with the birth of colored tires. . . Oh, and if the thing about California banning colored tires is true, big deal. California is one of 50 states. Let the consumer make his/her purchase using their own good judgment, as they always have, whether in California or elsewhere. If a person can get shot for having the wrong colored tires on their car, they can get shot for anything. A new residence is the only real resolution if that be the case. Colored tires could also help police identify gang members if the tires are to be used by gangs in that manner. I say that colored tires should be mass produced. Consumers that are not part of a gang should also be willing to allow police to conduct searches in their vehicles as they see fit. I, being of African American descent, understand that having rims on my car attracts police attention. (That may be a biased remark,- but then again, what is racial profiling? I mean really- WHAT THE FUCK IS IT!?! It's upsetting is what it is- if your a minority. It's almost as if minorities are expected to sell drugs and be in gangs or drug cartels. I guess police don't expect us to have any collegiate aspirations. I throw them off guard when they stop me and I'm open to searches, very nice, well spoken- because I am a college student, and actually own my mint condition 1990 Chrysler New Yorker Salon that averages less than 8K miles/year! I'd like something more sporty, but I have to pay for my own continued education. So I currently work 2 jobs, and keep my car running as best as I can, between semesters.) I've gotten carried away. . . Anyway, as I wrote before, let the consumer use his/her own good judgment in their purchases. [datniggasheezy@hotmail.com]
Sheezy, Mar 02 2003

       baked and out of the oven   

drewid, Sep 27 2003

       A company called Amerityre makes tires out of urethane instead of rubber. The main practical advantage is they are "blowout proof" but a side benefit is they can be made in any color. See link for news that Goodyear was going to work on making them. (Story from 2 years ago, and no news since, so it doesn't appear Goodyear went ahead with it).
krelnik, Sep 27 2003

       baked in a hilarious way..in my little town (100 people) there are a group of about 5-6 people who *think* they are cool because they got little rice runners in which my '88 dodge dynasty can beat. (really! they were getting cocky and want to see how *bad* they could kick my ass and I ended up wining) anyways, when the town was having our parade and anyone can be in it, so some of us guys got a pontiac 6000 and we started t dress it up pathetically like a rice burner. Comleate wiht painted on endorments in the rear side windows, a big hood scoop, a 4 foot high rear spoiler, and cardboard ground effects. For the true rice runner tires we took some chrome paint and sprayed the rims and most of the tires so there was just a couple of centimeters of black tire left. Those rice runner guys were pretty mad they almost started crying.
dickity, Sep 27 2003

       Colored Tires are HERE!   

russctusa, Dec 28 2004

       this is hilarious! My husband and I were just talking about this exact same concept on Christmas, as if it had never been thought of before...we were talking about finder's fees and getting a company to support the investigation and research of making this happen, and bam.... i am way tooo late... i never knew this was in the works.. thank god for half bakery, or i would've looked like a fool.... wait... too late!
topsecretdreamer, Dec 28 2004


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