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Inertia-powered spinners

Independent power for spinner rims
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Add a few coils to the wheel and magnets to the spinning part of the spinner and generate some electricity when braking or accelerating.

This will definitely increase fuel consumption (like if you care if you have spinners!), but it's an easy way to provide power wirelessly right where it is needed: either for LEDs on the spinners for some cool light show or, even better, for small motors that would rotate spinners when the vehicle is stopped, so even at a long train-crossing your spinners will spin!

For the latter option the power-generating function should only work when accelerating, but if you're after the light show and ready to sacrifice some spinning time for it, the braking phase can also be used.

xipetotec, Mar 24 2007


       I saw a toy like this I think. It was a bit psycadelic. It had a really good lightshow from just 6 LEDs that were spun. I was impressed by the definite beginning and end of the lines of light. You might want a ratcheting hub that doesn't stay stationary easily when you take off because the show is better spinning. I doubt it was an indepentant generator, I just think it could look really cool though the RPM on wheels would probably be a bit slower.
MercuryNotMars, Mar 24 2007


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