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Ice puddles

Freeze water on public roads with large electric fans
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This sounds a little evil, but sometime in December or January, which isn't particularly cold because this is Georgia, a friend who works at Sam's club informed me that electric fan and extension cord sales were way up... And with the hightened risk of terrorist activities, we got pretty worried folks were trying to terrorize us by causing massive automobile pileups during rush hour, increasing stress, blood pressure, and overeatting which are key in their plot to take over the world

The plot includes: 1. Pouring water into roads in busy spots where drainage is bad. 2. Placing large electric fans, powered through extension cords plugged into the back of local grocery stores and Wal-Marts (where unconcerned employees will overlook them) until the water freezes.

With the completely irrational-looking road construction that occurs on a regular basis in this area, nobody will be suspicious of the fans on the roadside, and less-than-brilliant city officials will overlook them as the cause for the increase in car accidents.

manda, Mar 19 2003


       Not quite getting how this leads to world domination...
DrCurry, Mar 19 2003

       cartoons. I'm telling ya.
yamahito, Mar 19 2003

       Mr Freeze?
po, Mar 19 2003

       If this idea's villain is Mr Freeze, is the other's Mr Sneeze?
yamahito, Mar 19 2003

       This is Georgia?
my face your, Mar 19 2003

       U.S. or Russian?
snarfyguy, Mar 19 2003

       The fans would serve only to blow air over the puddles. This air would still be at the ambient temperature of the area. At best you would lower the temperature by about 1C due to the removal of heat conducted along the asphalt.
reap, Mar 19 2003

       The warmth from the asphalt (heated daily by solar radiation, even through a cloud layer) would be sufficient to keep things from freezing unless they were really shallow puddles in dry weather less than a few degrees above freezing. Road salt would mess things up too.
mandy, Mar 20 2003

       heh heh heh heh, I'm sorry, everybody. I couldn't resist. I promise not to post anything non-serious again
manda, Mar 21 2003


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