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Laser tongue diagnostic

laser spectroscopy aimed at the tongue diagnoses health opportunities
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There is a mini spectrometer that you can aim at things to find out the chemicals in them. I think putting this in a phone has been published.

What if a laser pen like thing could be aimed at the tongue near toothbrushing time to do spectroscopy? Could it find any health opportunities like high cholesterol or trace amounts of mis-metabolites? Possibly.

If it is too much $ perhaps they could simply wave it at your mouth when you go to the dentist.

I suppose one improved version of this could be part of an electric toothbrush with optical fiber bristles that got really near the tongue.

"laser tongue diagnostic" is not at the first page of a search engine.

beanangel, Jan 07 2018

phone spectrometer https://www.digital...ctrometer-ces-2017/
[beanangel, Jan 07 2018]


       What if you go to the dentist but forget to bring your moth with you?
MaxwellBuchanan, Jan 07 2018

       [+] for "health opportunities" as a euphemism.   

       "Mr Mungely has been diagnosed with multiple health opportunities, and shall not see Shrove Tuesday."
pertinax, Jan 08 2018


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