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Office Gongs

Stress-relief gongs in the workplace
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These gongs are considerably quieter than the traditionals. The electronic mallet would softly trigger at preordained intervals, adorning the office environment with the serenity and grace of a Buddhist monastery. Arrange several in the area to respond to each other across the room, creating an echo ambiance whenever appropriate. Different sizes and tones available.
ophello, Sep 28 2005


       I'd like that. Give me a couple of those. Maybe you can work it into the whole "gong show" theme for meetings, too. When someone's spouting off on stupidities...
k_sra, Sep 28 2005

       I'd like to call departmental meetings by usage of an enormous gong.
zen_tom, Sep 28 2005

       I'd like to ram my boss's head into a gong sometimes.   

       But really, I like this idea! Install a few of those zen fountains and zen toms around the office, too, and you're good to go.
Machiavelli, Sep 28 2005

       Gongs could be used instead of doors, and banged out the way with a mallet. Phones would gong, instead of ringing, and instead of voicemail, the caller would hear a gentle gong. Urinals and toilets would be gongs, which would ring beneficently when used. Oh yes.
bungston, Sep 28 2005

       We actually have a gong in our office, but it is used by our salesmen to celebrate when they make a sale. It is quite loud, so I guess it doesn't achieve the stated goals.
krelnik, Sep 28 2005

       How about steel drums to give the office that tropical everyday's-margarita-day vacation feel?
Machiavelli, Sep 28 2005

       Not office bongs then?
hidden truths, Sep 29 2005

       The gong response idea is that one would go off in section A, hence triggering sections B and C, which in turn trigger section D. A once through kind of thing, not some droning cacaphony of nonstop gongage.   

       Office bongs..hee hee, already thought of that one.
ophello, Sep 29 2005

       I'd accept silent dodgy gongs.
angel, Sep 29 2005


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