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Office Gravy

Hot Gravy on Tap
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Most offices now seem to have bottled water coolers and also some kind of zippy hot water dispensers.

What is really required is a hot gravy dispenser - something to lively up those cold meat sandwiches brought from home, or that bland chicken bought from the local Red Rooster.

Could be a simple matter of attaching a reservoir bottle of gravy powder to a line coming from the boiling water machine, or perhaps cold liquid gravy passing over a heat exchanger - though I guess that would mean extra preservatives in the gravy... and some cleaning issues.

Once the gravy business was up and running, further condiments using the same delivery method could be added - mustard, tatziki, cream cheese,..... custard...

ConsulFlaminicus, Nov 13 2005

Bring your own. _22Spravy_22_20-_20The_20Aerosol_20Gravy
[angel, Nov 13 2005]

Ustard Ustard
[MikeOliver]'s excellent innovation [jonthegeologist, Nov 14 2005]

Spravy _22Spravy_22_20-_20The_20Aerosol_20Gravy
Spray on gravy. [DrBob, Nov 14 2005]


       Perhaps, some sort of instant gravy dispenser where a outlet from the hot water line mixes with a gravy mix line and pours the blend.
daseva, Nov 14 2005

       I'm putting in additional requests for a melted butter dispenser, a cold sour cream dispenser and oh yeah! a real milk dispenser for my coffee instead of powdered who-knows-what-it-is. (+)
migennes, Nov 14 2005

       Maybe even a cold meat and bland chicken sandwich dispenser too?
shinobi, Nov 14 2005

       Or just install a [MikeOliver] ustard dispenser - something for everyone then.
jonthegeologist, Nov 14 2005

       Mmmmm gravy...   

       There is this restaurant here in Texas, called Chicken Express. Has very good gravy. And tea.
DesertFox, Nov 14 2005

       Tea? And good gravy? Are you sure you didn't get lost and end up in England?
hidden truths, Nov 14 2005

       Hmm, given that [DesertFox] is in the USA I am highly suspicious of the use of the word 'gravy'. I suspect that he mean 'sauce'.
Personally, I am after a 'curry sauce' dispenser.
gnomethang, Nov 14 2005

       I must not get to England enough. What is the difference between USA gravy and English gravy?
sleeka, Nov 14 2005

       I know at least two Italian-Americans that refer to tomato sauce as "gravy".   

       Regardless, food and condiments are best when they are omnipresent. Pastry.
ed, Nov 14 2005

       I tend to agree with Don Quixote, c/o Cervantes, who once said, "The best sauce* is hunger"   

       (*Since he said it in Spanish, it could've been gravy for all I know.)   

       Perhaps we need a "hunger dispenser" then?
sophocles, Nov 15 2005

       They have them in Amsterdam   

       Hunger dispenser, not TV   

       Well they do have TV but they also have...Never mind
miasere, Nov 15 2005


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