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Office? Second office?

Nothing to do with halflings
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I currently occupy a desk space in a cube farm within Office World. Nice little space, no rules against pimping my cube. However, I spend a bit of time in another place in the building. We call it the 'library' and we do 'paperwork' in there. Sometimes it can take a half hour or so. Don't rush me. I generally just sit and try to decipher the mild office humor graffiti ("Joanie in accounting has nice assets!").

I would like the loo to be equipped with a power outlet, network outlet, phone outlet, workspace lamp, notepads, paperclips, pens, footrest, etc. This way I could be productive while I'm, um, producing.

bdag, Oct 22 2009


       After everyone's gone one evening, tap into one of the light fixtures. If you're lucky, it'll be a suspended ceiling. Run a figure-of-8 cable along the top of the stall and bring it down the join between the stall and the wall at the back. Terminate it in a compact waterproof connector and tape it to the soil pipe or the back of the pan, out of sight. You can do the same thing with Cat5e with a bit of practice, or set up your own private WiFi, use a mobile phone or a DECT handset.   

       The trick is keeping "ownership" of "your" modified stall. Whenever you leave, trickle a bit of very dilute orange squash around the floor, that is usually enough to persuade would-be users to go elsewhere.   

       Did we mention this is Baked, at least at a prototype level ?
8th of 7, Oct 22 2009

       Wouldn't it be easier to simply install a bog in your cube?
Twizz, Oct 23 2009

       A bog in my cube? Preposterous! I'd rather a crap-o-lounger.
bdag, Oct 23 2009


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