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Penis Extension Technology

Consider a dining table in which a "leaf" can be added...permanently.
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After noting the subtitle of this Idea, see the first two links. Modern 3D printing techniques have been expanded to include the building of biological structures such as ears, and can even include living cells derived from a particular individual. And the technology is only going to improve with time. SO:

The human penis does not contain any internal hard elements (some mammals have an actual bone in there), but it still has a particular structure of blood vessels and a means of becoming turgid, engorged with blood.

We can use something like an MRI scan to determine the exact internal structure of, say, a 1mm length in the middle of a man's penis. An appropriate 3D printer can print out THAT structure, duplicated along several centimeters, and including cells from the man who had been MRI-scanned.

The living penis can now be cut in the middle of that 1mm section, and separated, and the product of the printer can be inserted into the gap, and connected at both ends to the two parts of the cut penis. After healing, the man now has a longer and likely fully functional organ.

Vernon, Feb 16 2017

3D printing an ear http://newatlas.com...implantation/41869/
As mentioned in the main text. [Vernon, Feb 16 2017]

3D printing a heart http://fusion.net/s...an-live-in-animals/
As mentioned in the main text. [Vernon, Feb 16 2017]

Another approach http://www.dailymai...-family-donuts.html
Disconcerting [bhumphrys, Feb 17 2017]


       I predict puns.
popbottle, Feb 16 2017

       Now, [popbottle], don't go off half-cocked.
normzone, Feb 16 2017

       At least it's not another cockamamie idea
theircompetitor, Feb 16 2017

       MIT, CalTech, IIT, Georgia Tech, PET, IBM, 3M all available at a T-shirt shop near you.
popbottle, Feb 17 2017

       If that could be done, would it not be better employed on spinal injuries?
nineteenthly, Feb 17 2017

       Cock-maiming, surely?
RayfordSteele, Feb 17 2017

       I wouldn't be too cocksure about that.
theircompetitor, Feb 17 2017

       Size mattering is usually just a phallusy.   

       I am not trying to dictate what you guys should do, but this process reminds me of that old joke about the organ grinder.
normzone, Feb 17 2017

       well, certainly if one is trying to avoid a tragedy of Dickensian proportions.
theircompetitor, Feb 17 2017

       Egyptian news sources recently reported that due to excessive draining of plumbing into the river, it's now being referred to as the Pee Nile.
normzone, Feb 17 2017

       //Penis Extension // I've already had mine extended - I'm allowed to keep it for another five years on the same contract.   

       Incidentally, regarding the penis transplant in the third link, I note that the recipient was actually complaining about post-operative swelling, which seems ungrateful.
MaxwellBuchanan, Feb 17 2017

       There's bound to be some Hayflick issues regarding this approach.
normzone, Feb 17 2017

       Yeah, but you should see the length of my telomeres.
MaxwellBuchanan, Feb 17 2017


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