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Non-Newtonian Penile Implant

A better way to get it up
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For men who have severe erectile dysfunction, the only course of action may be a penile implant. The caveats are many and may include “penile erosion” among others.

Many of the implants are rigid and the male has to be in a constant state of erection. Post-operatively, this can cause a lot of pain. I remember my time on a Med/Surg floor and this seemed painful to the surgical patients who received them. However, these are easily implanted by a physician, are less expensive for the patient and require no manipulation to prepare for use.

Other implants use air or a fluid which is pumped by means of an implanted pump. These require more extensive surgery, are much more expensive, require preparation to use and pumps may fail over time.

I suggest using a Non-Newtonian fluid to fill an implant. This would normally be in a “soft” state and would become rigid when manipulated, much like a normal male response. No pump would be required and implantation would be minimally invasive.

Klaatu, Sep 13 2011

From another idea Custard_20Penis
[Klaatu, Sep 13 2011]

Dilatant http://en.wikipedia...ki/Shear_thickening
"...where the shear viscosity increases with applied shear stress" [Klaatu, Sep 13 2011]


neelandan, Sep 13 2011

       Why not an implant filled with ferromagnetic flued that can be hardened by an electromagnetic field? Then the gentleman would literally be "turned on" by his partner.
DIYMatt, Sep 13 2011


       Product: Toy: Soft toy?
Klaatu, Sep 13 2011


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