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Ogazimatic UnderWear

Just don't get them wet!
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A line of stimulating underwear for woman including the Orgazimatic Bra which has a thin web of wire that with the help of one 9v battery per breast send a electronic pulse across the breast surface and nipple.

Also the Orgazimatic Panties which have a similar thin web of wires that stimulate the Libia and clitoris.

Both Peices are controlled via a remote control and level of stimulation can be ajusted

GhostFace Killah, May 27 2001


       ...and they also have a built-in spell-checker.
angel, May 27 2001

       Gaaah--another spectacularly bad male invention for female sex. Wire up your unit and see how it works, ok, stud?
Dog Ed, May 28 2001

       Actually, that's baked. Look for 'violet ray' anything...
StarChaser, May 28 2001

       With the one adverse side effect being that all the "unwanted tension" in your sphincter is relaxed as well.
TickleMeElmo, May 28 2001

       OK, plus one for trying to make women happy, minus one for not asking them what they like first.
sirrobin, May 29 2001

       Baked. I saw advertisements for "tickling" and "vibrating" panties in the back of such magazines as COSMOPOLITAN.
Sparki, Aug 06 2001

       nothing you can say will convince me to put voltage across my genitals.   

       i can only assume the ladies present would feel the same way.
urbanmatador, Apr 24 2003

       I say 120 volts for added stimulation!
JesseOQ, Aug 01 2003

       don't knock electrical nerve stimulation until you've tried it... hehehehe
dsm, Jan 25 2004

       Some recent research has produced electrically induced orgasms by stimulating the nreves at the point where they branch out of the spinal column.
oneoffdave, Jan 25 2004

       Damn, I need my spinal column branched out.
sidi, Jan 25 2004

       Lol, angel, exactly what I was thinking. I before e except after c......... And 'Libia"? Wtf, libia? Lmao.
shytilwet, Mar 03 2004


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