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Penile Partner

Addendum appendage for clitoral canoodling
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LOS ANGELES – The latest craze in sex enhancement plastic surgery was unveiled today in a primetime TV interview with Dr Masters-Johnson and a satisfied patient, identified only as “Jim”. It seems Jim now has an additional tiny limb over his pubic bone that he can make rigid or flaccid almost at will.

“My lady friend and I are quite gratified with my add-on. I’ve done the extension and girth enhancement earlier, but this little extra just tickles her pink,” Jim gushed. “Of course, I miss my left ear lobe and can no longer wear my diamond earring, but that beats skinning my pinky.”

The good doctor was more deliberate in his responses and disclosed that the operation has been done before. “Yes, it seems that Jacko had already ‘baked’ the mini-member. I heard Lisa Marie was shocked to find the remains of his nose still lively under the sheets.” The surgeon also covered some medical details, “The procedure is not especially challenging – constructing a spongy chamber and an artery shunt to bypass some of the blood for dilation.”

In closing, Masters-Johnson licked his lips while revealing, “I’m looking forward to trying tongue tissue transfer in future augmentations.”

FarmerJohn, Feb 08 2003


       the body and its parts take on a rubic cube quality these days. I can't say I approve of messing with mother nature.   

       you never fail to amuse me though FJ.   

       I may regret saying that but its said now.
po, Feb 08 2003

       Offensive, stomach churning, highly amusing. Out of character but unmistakeably Farmer. Fishcake for confuselcating me.
egbert, Feb 08 2003

       Is that a safety switch in your pocket...
thumbwax, Feb 08 2003

       The Fantasy Island of Doctor Moreau.
egbert, Feb 09 2003


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