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Petrol Flavour Sweets

Sweets (or Candy) with a petrol 'smell' flavour.
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Remember those times when you were young and your folks pulled up at the filling station for refuelling - if you were like me you'd wind down the window to 'drink' in the smell of petrol fumes and get high in the time it took for mum/dad to fill up and pay. It’s like a Marmite thing – you either love it or hate it!

So, to bring this concept to the masses I propose manufacturing some gummy sweets that taste just like the petrol smell. They’d be called petrol heads and kids would just love ‘em.

So….. who’s thinking I’m onto something here? Obviously, I suggest leaving you H&S head at home when answering – I’m sure kids wouldn’t really think this means it’s acceptable to drink petrol… would they!?

laughinboy, Dec 09 2004

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Somewhat similar. [DrBob, Dec 09 2004]


       They could come in different shapes i.e. petrol pumps, petrol cans, cars etc and for those who are on a diet there would be the light 'unleaded' variety.
Gregster, Dec 09 2004

       I like the smell of petrol but I wouldn't want to eat it. Most sweets taste chemical enough as it is. Actually, I suspect I may be eating petrol sweets as it is.
harderthanjesus, Dec 09 2004

       The smell of gasoline fumes isn't altogether unpleasant unless you live where they add MTBE to the gasoline. Nasty smellin' stuff.   

       I also love the smell of a good fresh pot of coffee brewing, but the taste of coffee gags me. I also enjoy the smell of a freshly opened pack of cigarettes, but wouldn't smoke or otherwise consume a cigarette if you paid me. Pleasing smell does not equal pleasing taste.
half, Dec 09 2004

       half, "Pleasing smell does not equal pleasing taste" I appreciate what you are saying here as I agree with many of your examples - I too don't smoke but actually like the smell of passive smoke on a crisp autumn day - from a distance at least. My sweets you see would have to taste like the smell - Not exactly sure how you capture this - but hey... isn't that what they pay scientists for!? In fact this analogy reminds me of a TV programme I saw once about making a perfume that reminded people of Christmas - all based around making Chrisrtmas into a smell. We need to be thinking outside the box here - not the literal translation. I've tried petrol - accidentally of course, and sure it don't taste good!
laughinboy, Dec 09 2004

       What [half] said re. taste. I too love the smell of brand new packs of cigarettes but can't bear smoking... Also, coffee first thing in the morning is a nono - although the smell is great. Give me a cup of tea and make some coffee near me and I'm fine!   

       "Want some sweets, Junior?"   

       "Yes please daddy"   

       "Oil get you sump'n nice then"   

       "Thanks Daddy"   

       "What shall I get? Ah, petrolheads - diesel do nicely"
kmlabs, Dec 09 2004


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