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Torture Bears

For the sadistic evil genius in you
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I remember something about a conversation about gummy bears and one person said, "Don't you just love biting their heads off?'

Now we can take it one step further.

Introducing torture bears. These are large, 6-inch tall gummy bears made up of gummy organs, a hard candy skeleton, and cherry-flavored candy liquid for bodily fluids;all surrounded by a gummy skin.

Pry out their eyes, perform an impromptu appendectomy without anesthetic, or learn how to do gummy bear brain surgery. A must have for the kiddies at Halloween.

Comes with miniature plastic surgical/torture tools, including a scalpel, corkscrew, hooks, and a beaker of "acid" that foams and eats away at the skin when it comes in contact with it.

DesertFox, Jun 29 2004

Jello brain http://www.baronbob...s.com/brainmold.htm
[Klaatu, Oct 05 2004]

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[Klaatu, Oct 05 2004]

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The Jello Brain is something to see, but I'm not as grossed out by body parts as I am with centipedes. They are absolutely disgusting and can make grown men scream. Trying eating them. Delicious and creepy crawly all in one. [candycandycandy, Mar 22 2011]


       An alternative to animal disections in bio class
swimr, Jun 29 2004

       I think I saw something like this in the candy store already. Edible organs or some such.
DrCurry, Jun 29 2004



       I find that hard to believe.
DesertFox, Jun 29 2004

Detly, Jun 29 2004

       [+] I love it. Hand them out at the end of anger management classes. I have 5 suggestions though:   

       -The skin should be colored so that you can't see through it.   

       -All the tools should be made of edible sugar. And maybe only make one tool, not really sharp. They're kids, after all.   

       -A basic skeletal system made up of the same sugar candy as the tools.   

       -Have it be attached horizontally to an electronic base, with 3 or 4 sound buttons on it, so that when you push down into the body with the tool, it screams in pain.   

       -Have some kind of thick candy juice/syrup that makes up the blood/body fluid.
Pocketassreturn, Jun 29 2004

       Yes pocket. The skin is colored.   

       Oh, yes! I forgot bones. Duhhhhh.   

       And I already thought about blood, but since you want that, I'll add it.   

       Thanks, pocketassreturn.
DesertFox, Jun 29 2004

       ooo ooo ooo can i perform a lobotamy and watch him walk around like a retard for the rest of his poor pathetic life?
BigDilly, Jun 29 2004

       Fluffy and Uranus, for the Duckman product tie-in.
sartep, Jun 30 2004

       mmmm, i give this idea a bun. especially if you put in the electronic base so it screams. but why not expand you market... diffent shapes... let's say oh i dunno puppies... people... jealous ex boyfriends....
Urban Kayaker, Jun 30 2004

       Great idea!!   


       2 questions:what would the organs be made of??can i have one??   


       P.S. dont forget the brain surrounded by a hard candy skull.
falmingtoe, Jun 30 2004

       You are the greatest confectioner I have ever met. Thank you for being born.   

shapu, Jun 30 2004

       Ahh, I'm a confectionary genius!   

       What can I say?
DesertFox, Jun 30 2004

       What Detly said, but much much more.   

       Is there a breakfast cereal type? Or is it like the Chocolate Easter Bunnys you get in the States in a clear box.
macncheesy, Jun 30 2004

       Donald Rumsfeld would have no fun with this, since he wouldn't consider any of this to be "torture".
sophocles, Jun 30 2004

       Whew... the title had me so worried...   

       + if we can we get them shaped as little Bin Ladens.
RayfordSteele, Jun 30 2004

       I guess we could. :)
DesertFox, Jul 01 2004

       With PAR's comments it sounds like an edible version of "Operation", except it's more like "Autopsy"...
goff, Jul 01 2004

       CSI: My Gummi
Detly, Jul 01 2004

       Autopsy....Have a little candy bullet hidden somewhere in the bear, the eater tries to find it..
swimr, Jul 01 2004

       Torture the little bears! Torture them!!!   

       Also, when they've been hollowed out at Halloween by the kids, you can stick a candle inside and leave it in your windowsill with a knife in the skin to scare off trick-or-treaters.
bookends, Jun 05 2005

       [Pa've] Must agree on that one.   

       "There was gummy juice anywhere, and they, and they..."
"They did what, Gummy?"
"They ate his ear in front of him..."

       - Testimony from G. Bear, victim of mass torture...   

froglet, Jun 05 2005

       urrrrm, not wanting to piss on a very good little bonfire you've got going here but.......might this not encourage torture of real animals? I know that its all good when its just a sweet or something, but you wait till the first news report linking the sweet and little Timmy opening up his dog Rover to see whether he was the same.
kaz, Jun 06 2005

       You say it like it's a bad thing, [Pa`ve]... I've been working on it for years. If not "torture" then at least "explosion," "crater," or "three small pigeons and fifty litres of treacle."
Detly, Jun 06 2005

       I think that by the time a child is old enough to use the tools, he/she will know better, unless the child is already a sadistic torturer, in which case this won't matter. Also, parents probably wouldn't buy this for younger kids. And those kids would be to young to buy it themselves.   

       Besides, I think Rover would bite of someone tried to cut him open.   

       Psssstttt.... Detly! What are you planning to do with three small pigeons and fifty litres of treacle?
DesertFox, Jun 06 2005

       This is just Genius! Now I can act out all my favourite moments in the history of the Spanish inquisition!

maximus5, Jun 06 2005

       Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition....
Salmon Of Doubt, Jan 05 2006

       bun for the Spanish Inquisition
Voice, Jun 07 2010

       //Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition//   

       I don't suppose anyone expected a bun after more than 4 years
Tulaine, Jun 07 2010

       given the poster's nick, I think a cry of "racism" is in order [-]
FlyingToaster, Jun 07 2010

       no, Racism as in "Fox" advocating cruelty to "Bear". Many children's stories feature animal characters to disguise a (usually moral) storyline more palatably.   

       And if that's too much of a stretch then we'll just go with "sadistic treatment of animals", effigy or no.   

       [marked-for-deletion] stuff.
FlyingToaster, Jun 07 2010

       ah but Messrs T & J would be considered politically incorrect these days.   

       ... might bend a bit for purple dinosaur dissection though.
FlyingToaster, Jun 08 2010

       hilarious and feasible idea. I love it.
EdwinBakery, Mar 22 2011


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