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 (+2)  Astelliard 
   Asteroid Mining Robot 
 (+1)  BeltRider asteroid probe 
 (+5, -3)  Cutting asteroid in sections to save earth 
 (+1)  Divide and Collide 
 (-3)  Far Orbit Asteroid Defense Network. 
 (+5, -3)  Gust of wind asteroid diverter 
   Heat-shielded Asteroid Platinum Mine 
 (+5)  Indirect Crowd Funding for Meteor Defense Systems 
   ISON fire 
 (-3)  Latest Heavy Bombardment 
 (+7)  magneto-nuclear asteroid steering 
 (+5)  NEO spin-up 
 (+7)  Nuclear-Powered Asteroid-Cracking Robotic Rhinoceros Fleet 
 (+9, -6)  "oops" asteroid deflection 
 (+1)  Planetary meteor protection 
 (+15, -5)(+15, -5)  Sharpen Asteroids to Improve their Penetration 
 (+1)  Small space tug 
   Whirling Dervish Asteroid Detection Satellite Constellation 


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