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(Non) Work Hammock

Mini Hammock to fit in toilet cubicle
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Ever been at work and been so tired you'd just LOVE to take a nap? You go to the toilets and as you sit you think that if it were only more comfortable you could sleep. Well, a mini-hammock could be successfully strung up in the typical cubicle. You'd have to assume a banana shape with your legs and head slightly elevated to fit it. Maybe even a 3 or 4 sided hammock to create a suspension net. when you awake it would fold neatly into a pocket.
Elitefingerbun, Oct 23 2005

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       What is it going to be hung from? I'm guessing that your boss is unlikely to put up pegs for this.   

       I'm not entirely sure that "put up a hammock in work" is much of an idea. But I'm going to give you a croissant anyway because I really want to have one.
hidden truths, Oct 23 2005


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