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10 Minute Biographer

Heeeeres yer life!
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The 10-Minute Biographer works like a characature artist with an audience of onlookers. There's a lot of humor employed. The subject pays, say, 10 bucks and steps forward and is speedily interviewed by the master speed biographer looking for the essence and entertaining aspects of the subjects life.

 The onlookers are entertained as the subject is grilled with humor & fun, putting entertaining bullet-points on a flip chart. A quick candid snap shot is taken of the subject. On a fresh page, the biographer boils the persons fleeted life down to a quick and humorous or sad-truth, entertaining essential biography. Their concise life, with photo, is printed out on a little greeting card so they have at least that to show for their life to-date.

 Also, extra copies are available there and they have a link to their biography on 10MinuteBiography.com.

If the 10-minute Biographer was a very very talented comedian, it could be a small-time comedy act.

Mustardface, Apr 13 2010

This is Your Life http://www.youtube....=c-lsn3W8yfo#t=0m6s
British version of the US original TV show that takes a biographical look at a personality - by surprising and then sharing moments of their past (this episode is Dame Kiri Te Kanawa) . [Jinbish, Apr 13 2010]

This is Your Life http://www.youtube....watch?v=tdgegW5Xmp0
As above but the old US version, centring around Laurel & Hardy. [Jinbish, Apr 13 2010]


       If I was more spontaneous, I would attempt to write a humorous biography in this annotation. I'm not, so I'll substitute this:   

DrWorm, Apr 13 2010

       Sounds like any of the commercially available "Who's Who" anthologies, but with the added humor might actually sell beyond the included profilees and requisite libraries.   

       My personal biography would probably boil down to something like, "He came; He saw; He erred. Then he erred some more."
jurist, Apr 13 2010

       If you take away the humorous caricature element, and extend to an hour/30 min TV slot then you have "This is Your Life"
Jinbish, Apr 13 2010

       "Once an upstanding young member of society, his descent into madness began when he was introduced to a website called the halfbakery."
swimswim, Apr 13 2010


       ~How To Take A Shitkicking For Dummies~
Chapter one; Deliverance.

Mustardface, Apr 14 2010


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