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12 Tree-matics Avenue

Trees that become cogwheels
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The creation of 12 Tree-matics Avenue begins with a large scale excavation along the edge of the chosen site. The resulting trench is used to house at its base twelve circular vessels each of which houses a very powerful, sealed for life, electric motor.

These motors are designed to rotate once every twenty four hours. Each motor supports a wide container, big enough to contain the root structure and soil required for a fully grown tree. Saplings are then planted in each of the containers.

Once in place, the entire arrangement is sealed up in such a way as to reveal only the row of growing trees above ground level. The motors are then switched on, causing the trees to begin rotating.

In time the trees grow, sprouting branches that spread outwards, eventually overlapping each other. As the rotations continue, the branches of each of the adjacent trees bear against those of its neighbours, and are consequently abraded and modified so that in maturity they become de-facto large cog-wheels. When this point is reached, 12 Tree-matics Avenue is complete.

xenzag, Apr 09 2007

Diller Scofidio + Renfro's Joyful Trees http://totonko.com/...cofidio-and-renfro/
... just remember where you saw it first... sighs [xenzag, Sep 23 2008]


       I likey, but I bet that the trees would find their own points of least resistance and grow in such a way as to minimise touching one another.   

       You need to make sure that alternate trees rotate in alternating directions, otherwise you will just have cylindrical trees.
Galbinus_Caeli, Apr 10 2007

       And you can tell the time of day by the position of the trees!
methinksnot, Apr 12 2007

       Start on a small scale using fruit trees in planters.
wagster, Apr 12 2007

       Silly, but Ièm still for it.
johnbakersmon, Aug 27 2008


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