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1.5G House

This is a house, where you feel heavier, when you enter it.
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As we are approaching the era, when we will have interstellar travel and generation ships, this becomes relevant to explore, how human body reacts to stronger than Earth's gravity, which is the case in some of the planets.

So, this would be a house attached to the end of an extra-large centrifuge, similar to those that NASA use to train astronauts. Except, this one would be for testing the long-term effects of gravity slightly larger than that of Earth's on human body.

Presumably, just like we can learn something interesting from people's long-term habitation in 0G environment in ISS, we should also be able to learn something from a long-term habitation in environment of greater force field.

To make life more comfortable, this house would be equipped with all kind of modern life conveniences like you find on ordinary houses, and would have an elevator, constructed within the long arm of the centrifuge, with a bending towards the still center point. This way, exiting the house would be easy without stopping the rotation.

Inyuki, Aug 28 2016

ESA http://www.esa.int/...xperiments2/(print)
Hypergravity Experiments of The Past [Inyuki, Aug 29 2016]


       // exiting the house would be easy without stopping the rotation. //   

       Just jump out of a window ...   

8th of 7, Aug 28 2016

Inyuki, Aug 28 2016

       You should read "Great Mambo Chicken and the Transhuman Condition". He describes, therein, an experiment in which chickens were raised in a centrifuge at elevated G. The title of the book is sort of a spoiler as to the outcome.
MaxwellBuchanan, Aug 28 2016

       This house would also be good for persons who have had too much experience with the American high carb junk food diet.
whatrock, Aug 29 2016

       And then, when their muscles all get used to it, Earth would feel like a planet with lower gravity?
Inyuki, Aug 29 2016


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