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2-up, double-sided, drive-up ATMs

Four to an island, no queuing.
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At particularly busy banks, why not employ the gas station model of free access to both sides of a two-headed ATM island? (or even have a teller for the two on the one side, a la self- vs. full- serve?) heck, why not combine the two? have the gas station and the bank use the same paved real estate, and put an ATM or tellered terminal right next to each of the pumps, with the bank and the gas station on opposite, far sides?
absterge, Jan 22 2001

(?) It's not just for gas anymore http://www.cnn.com/...umps.idg/index.html
No ATM on the gas pump, but you can download mp3s... [PotatoStew, Jan 22 2001, last modified Oct 05 2004]


       Hey, I really like this. I usually need to fill up my wallet with cash about the same time each week that I fill up my car with gas. And, I'm using the same debit card to buy gas. While I'm waiting for the pump to pump, I could be doing the banking. This would definitely save me an extra stop once a week.
lee, Jan 24 2001

       So banks should go into the gas station business.... or gas stations should go into banking? Actually, I kinda like the idea!
WileCoyote, Apr 26 2006


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