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The Fast Food Drive-thru Automated Teller Machine
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Somewhere along the journey between the box you shout your order into and the hatch that the food automagically appears from (wielded by a spotty teen) there should be an ATM.

While you're waiting for the driver in the car in front to hurry up with his large order of 3 big macs and 5 happy meals you could be checking on your bank balance or withdrawing some cash to pay for your own order.

This is also a fairly secure and safe place to place an ATM with the fast food outlet's security cameras and the comfort of your car to distance you from any would-be street thieves.

An extra feature embedded in the ATM software would allow the option of wire transferring the payment for your food order directly out of your account. After hitting the "pay my order" button you will be shown a list of the food you ordered and a total due. Pressing OK or ENTER would automagically pay for your order and spit out a receipt. This also lets you know if they got your order wrong before you even reach the food hatch.

MrKangaroo, Oct 14 2003

Fast Food atm http://www.halfbake...a/Fast_20Food_20atm
related idea for food ordering purposes by [smylly] [krelnik, Oct 04 2004]


       At Sonic, they now have card readers in the ordering machines ... if you select "Debit" then you can get cash back ...
Letsbuildafort, Oct 14 2003

       You can do this at most grocery stores too. But the problem with using an debit card for any purchase is you get hit with a fee from your bank of around two bucks, and possibly one from the store too. Unlike ATM they do not need to disclose this.   

       Better to use a credit card- and pay it off monthly. I like thirty day interest free loans! If you don't have a credit card- get one. Bad credit- wasting money on debit card fees won't help!
xylene, Oct 14 2003

       You've been able to use your ATM card at McDs and KFC here for as long as I can remember to purchase food straight from your account. A list of what you ordered, including price for each item and total, also comes up on the screen next to the thing you speak into. When I see ideas like this I wonder what kind of turn of the century hick town you must come from.
Helium, Oct 14 2003

       They could use your thumb print instead of a PIN to use your designated account and it will automatically debit the money? They could also track you spending habits etc and make offers geared very much to your own personal habits.....
Peticelli, Oct 14 2003

       <ignorance_admission> Oops, i didn't realise that they charge fees for withdrawing money with debit cards in other countries. Its mostly free here. </ignorance_admission>
MrKangaroo, Oct 15 2003


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