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3-D Maze

All-terrain mazes
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Most mazes get boring once you know the way, and you aren't satisfied just enjoying randomly walking about...

Go to a BIG BIG place with a pyramid and large grounds, and you can get a better experience. These mazes have fiendish puzzles, and a more 'natural' feel to everything. You start off at a reception (there is more than one entrance to the place), where you put on a little wrist band, sign a form saying you will not sue everyone if you lose stuff/life/limb or become injured, etc. You go through, in your wetsuit/swimsuit, and you come to the first place, which will be a garden, and several choices to go through. One obstacle might be something you have to swim under, then next might be you have to climb over it, and another might be a puzzle where you have to hop ten times on your right foot, then the next door opens.

There would be sleep over parties, in which you go to sleep, and the people take you to a different part of the maze, and you have to find your friends when you wake up.

froglet, Mar 31 2005

Cube http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0123755/
IMDB Movie Link [the_jxc, Apr 01 2005]


       Reminds me of that cube movie, whatever it was called.
RayfordSteele, Apr 01 2005

       Movie-baked, as indicated by Rayford. But perhaps a more family-friendly version might work!
the_jxc, Apr 01 2005

       [rayfordsteele] re: cube (and ofcourse cube two)
zeno, Apr 01 2005

       real life can be this way if you either: a) do a lot of drugs or b) have really weird life goals   

       ever read "dice man?"
RBStimers, Apr 01 2005


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