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Fingerprint corn maze

Mostly for the rich and famous
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Autumn is approaching in this part of the world, and as the corn all gets picked it’s time to make a corn maze. The personalized fingerprint corn maze can be made for you by our team of expert maze makers. You will have a fingerprint taken by our official fingerprint takers and then it will be enlarged and plotted out on the cornfield of your choice. If you own a cornfield that would be great.

This will be an exact replica of your fingerprint And there will be aerial shots for you to see it from above. If you don’t have the money to have your own personalized fingerprint, you can just have any old fingerprint that can be acquired from your police station. this will reduce your cost greatly.

(I posted a link I found while searching, but this is not a corn maze or anyone’s actual fingerprint. Nonetheless it exist and is somewhat similar in nature but not what I call baked.)

xandram, Aug 29 2021

fingerprint path https://www.atlasob...m/places/fingermaze
[xandram, Aug 29 2021]


       I once ran a competition with the prize being to "win a tattoo of Charlie Manson's Thumb Print on your head". Cornfield finger pint - approved [+]
xenzag, Aug 29 2021

       I love this. But with my luck, some random police helicopter will fly over and think "hmm, maybe I'll just run this print and see what comes up".   

       And then bam, I'm arrested by 10 big guys with guns and taken to county jail for not feeding a parking meter 20 years ago. hahaha   

       No, for real, I love this.
blissmiss, Aug 29 2021

       60-65% of fingerprints are loop patterns. I suspect that it might be quite easy to enter and leave the maze by just following one loop. But understanding fingerprints apparently takes so much training that it would be helpful to have a cornfield sized version to study, look for evidence of schizophrenia, etc.
4and20, Aug 29 2021

       "What are you looking for in this maze?"
"Evidence of schizophrenia"

pertinax, Aug 30 2021

       I’m not schizophrenic, I’m just loopy.
xandram, Aug 30 2021

       Is this supposed to be planted in the finger print pattern, or plotted onto a standard cornfield? Because the former runs into growth pattern problems, and the latter has a pixel size ~1.5 feet, preventing an exact replica.
MechE, Aug 30 2021

       well I don’t know about the pixels…just a halfbaked notion I had.
xandram, Aug 30 2021

       // pixel size ~1.5ft //   

       Is that a problem? Let's say the smallest notable feature on a fingerprint is 1/100th of an inch, and that "pixel" will be at minimum 18" across in the corn maze. So the maze has to be at least 1800 times bigger than a fingerprint, maybe 150 feet across. Seems about right to me.
a1, Aug 30 2021

       gee, I really never think of that technical stuff when I just have a half baked notion. Thanks for doing the math.   

       I promise I won’t get you arrested! [bliss]
xandram, Aug 30 2021

       “Yes sir, mr extremely wealthy businessman, we definitely need a copy of your fingerprints to create your personalised fingerprint corn maze. Definitely not to gain nefarious access to your biometrically secured bank account/safety deposit/bullion vault… Perhaps we could also interest you in our today-only specials: personalised retinal portraits… Mother’s maiden name mural… First pet’s name memorial perhaps?…” *evil chuckle*
Frankx, Sep 01 2021

       No, you may NOT have a copy of my “evil chuckle” - it’s part of the pass phrase I use in our sound activated security systems.
a1, Sep 01 2021

       //leave the maze by just following one loop//   

       There could be blocking hedges similar to the ground planting and gaps formed by corn arches. This could allow really complex mazes but still with that swirly ident.
wjt, Sep 08 2021


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