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360-degree CarCam

Instant camera shot at the click of a button.
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Small digital camera's mounted in the frame of a car, aimed to the front, rear and sides. At the touch of a button on the steering wheel, the camera's take a 360-degree panoramic snapshot of everything around the car at any one time. Accidents, road rage drivers, and the general scenary can instantly be recorded on a sort of automobile ''black box'' (yes, I'm aware those are very shortly coming into circulation, well, in Europe anyway). If nothing else it'd be nice to have some interesting prints on your walls.

Note: I'm new to this, but even so I have browsed briefly through halfbakery's back-catalogue. I am aware of some idea's very close to this one, but if this has before been suggested please exercise some tolerance. =)

kuupuuluu, Apr 08 2005

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       Works for me. Could be useful in cop cars too, although I'd integrate it with the spinning blue lights, somehow.
RayfordSteele, Apr 08 2005

       some sanity today, thank goodness. +1   

       welcome to hb, kuu***** gawd, have you a hair ball or something?   

       need water?
po, Apr 08 2005


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