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Arcade-racing-style car

For the gaming generation
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Gamers these days are probably by now so used to 3rd-person driving games that they'll be thoroughly confused when they start to drive. The arcade car removes that level of confusion by providing the driver with the views s/he has been used to in all those years of gaming.

A camera would be mounted on a turntable on a pole at the back of the car: this would be a few feet behind and above the car, and fully retractable to allow for low bridges. Another would be placed just at the back of the bonnet, just in front of the windscreen. The windscreen would then be replaced with a large TFT screen.
Upon pressing a button, the driver could switch views and customise camera angles to get the desired angle - a POV hat would also be included on the steering wheel.

Of course, cameras would be fitted with windscreen wipers and, in the event of a power failure, the screen would lift up giving the driver a clear view ahead.

NickTheGreat, Aug 07 2002


       Would any wrecks look as spectacular and be as harmless as in gaming?
FarmerJohn, Aug 07 2002

       I want the car that flashes twice and reappears unscathed in the correct lane of traffic after careening off a cliff and bursting into flames..
Mr Burns, Aug 07 2002

       I'd like to try driving a remote control rally car this way, preferably full size :-)
furmobile, Aug 08 2002

       I want one of these for parking. I can reverse into much tighter spots if I can see the corners of the car.
st3f, Aug 08 2002

       I want to try this idea using a wireless camera mounted to a kite, to be towed by the car. Hmmmmm...
KLRico, Nov 13 2003


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