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3D Directional Road Signs

One Sign Visible to Many
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Take a sheet of metal about 4 feet long, and taper the ends so they each come to a point, then fold them each in the same direction, so that a sign is formed with one rectangular face and two triangular faces. Paint 'Highway XX, ^ ' (<-- or --> for the triangular faces, or 'Turn Around, Dummy' for the inside of the rectangular face). Mount the sign on the signpost, replacing the old sign, with the triangular faces pointing in the correct direction to the highway.

Viola! You have a sign that means the same thing no matter what direction you're coming from, with the added benefit of allowing one sign to replace all the other signs in the area which pointed to the highway.

galukalock, Jun 26 2003

Like this? http://bz.pair.com/fun/Signs.gif
[12Kb image] [bristolz, Oct 05 2004, last modified Oct 17 2004]


thumbwax, Jun 27 2003

       I don't see it, but [thumbwax] likes it and that's good enough for me.
phoenix, Jun 27 2003

       Me either.
bristolz, Jun 27 2003

       [ref bristolz' diagram], That's about what I imagined from the description. It seems familiar, although the specialized signs may not have been as a single sheet of metal.
You can have info on the "back", too, where it reads "Entering Highway XX South", etc.

       Most useful on one-way streets, to have "One Way", or "Do Not Enter" positioned on the various faces.
Amos Kito, Jun 27 2003

       [bris] Yes! That's it, although I had envisagioned longer triangles so they could hold as much info as the rectangle.
galukalock, Jun 27 2003

       are those signs parallel with the road? they would only be in your field of vision for a flash.
po, Jun 27 2003

       The flat, rectangular face of the sign is perpendicular to one road, just as they are now; however, the triangular faces are perpendicular to, thus visible and useful for, the road which intersects the other.
galukalock, Jun 30 2003


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