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3D Math for people who are Blind

(formerly Meditative hand manipulation product) alternative sphericon shapes -- the cylander-bicone-sphericon and cone-sphericon
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Here are two shapes that are based on the sphericon and can be used in physical form for a variety of purposes, including introducing people who are blind to math, and as meditative obsessive hand manipulation toys. See link for NC state Assistive Technology program blind math 3D printing technology. The first shape (CBS) is made by putting together half of a (square/ equilatteral?) cylander and half of a (square/equilatteral?) bicone, and the second is made twisting two halves of an equilatteral cone 120 degrees against itself. Each shape has only one side. Mirrored CBSs and CSs can be rolled against eachother to make strange repetitive mechanical motions. See link for picture -- each shape is placed next to its mirror image.
JesusHChrist, Mar 26 2005

Picture of CBS and CS http://patricktimon...ven.com/photo4.html
[JesusHChrist, Mar 26 2005, last modified Mar 28 2005]

This is what this invention would be good for -- teaching blind people math. NC state has bought 3D printers for the purpose of helping blind math students to understand 3D math shapes. These "hand manipulations products" and developments along this theme will be of similar use http://www.lli.com/...e_4th_3dprinter.htm
[JesusHChrist, Feb 17 2006]


skinflaps, Mar 26 2005

       You've inventing shapes? I don't get this.
waugsqueke, Mar 26 2005

       I do. And I like it, based though it is on Balls of EVIL!
wagster, Mar 26 2005

       What's there to get? I doubt that the author could invent an original "shape". This certainly isn't one. The idea seems to be an object shaped like this that you can use your hand(s) to canoodle with.   

       Virtually anything small enough to fit one's grasp could be considered a "hand manipulation toy". That's a meaningless description. What makes this any more interesting than a worry stone or a key fob or a paper clip?
waugsqueke, Mar 27 2005

       [waugsqueke] both of these shapes are one sided, so that when you roll two mirror imaged versions of the shape together they perform complicated but repetitive motions that are quickly learnable but complex enough to be very addictive and meditative. Manipulating the shapes requires you to perform a complex but soothing hand motion -- they're sort of like wory stones that you have to use more mental energy for than a regular wory stone.   

       And as far as I know these are new shapes. Why do you doubt that I could invent an original shape?
JesusHChrist, Mar 27 2005

       Let me just say I bun this idea. Both for the idea and the shape it comes in.   

       But as for the invention of new shapes? That's a difficult problem. I think it's like doing sums with numbers. we all know two plus two is four, no new numbers there, no new sum, but when I add <insert absurdly high number> to <insert absurdly high number> and come up with < insert ludicrously high number>, have I invented a new number? Have I invented a new sum? no, I don't think so.   

       Thus it is with shapes. If a designer creates a new boat that speeds through the water better because of a new and improved shape, that shape is new in relation to boating, but in relation to the phase space of all possible shapes, there is nothing new about it.   

       When you think this through to the end, like plato did when he stated that all knowledge is but remembrence, one might argue there is no posiblity of ever having a truly original thought, which is in direct contrast to the purpose of this site.
zeno, Mar 27 2005

       - zeno moves -
wagster, Mar 27 2005

       //both of these shapes are one sided//   

       How can this be? For every coin must have a side other than the one you see. And if these shapes are to touch butts, you have admitted there are more sides than one to me.   

       A little lyrical nonsense regarding the spherical contents.
thirdcherry, Mar 27 2005

       Regular sphericons have one side and two edges. Both these shapes have one side and one edge each. A coin has three sides. If you make mirrored versions of these shapes then they roll together but each mirrored version only has one side.
JesusHChrist, Mar 27 2005

       [wagster], that's funny!
zeno, Mar 27 2005

reensure, Mar 28 2005

normzone, Mar 28 2005


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