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3D spaghetti printer

Apparently not currently a thing
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A 3D filament-fed printer, using spaghetti.

Most of this would be essentially as standard. I think the hardest part of this would be getting the filament to a consistently printable (al dente) consistency.

**idea end

**aside 1
When I was a child, making a collage using a variety of shapes of pasta was a recognised activity. If a shape was too hard to make directly, you could boil up some spaghetti and roll your own. This is the inspiration for this idea.

**aside 2
Nowadays, science posters are getting more and more technologically advanced, but somehow some of the craft is being lost. It occurred to me that it would be fun to make a fully serious poster for a conference, with pasta-based diagrams.

Loris, Jun 30 2021


       //pasta-based diagrams//
And glitter. There must be glitter (and over-use of glue...).
neutrinos_shadow, Jul 01 2021

       ...and since the Big Bad Wolf was dead the fourth little piggy said; "Screw this!" and he made his house out of extruded pasta and lived happily ever after.   

       ~The End~   

       //Actually, there are 3D printers that output pasta.//   

       Cool. I was all set to mfd the idea, then I saw the article reports the printer as using semolina dough, so it's not quite the same.
That's going to give a much better build quality, but I suspect at a rather slower printing rate than I imagine this method could manage.
Loris, Jul 01 2021

       I am printing a giant croissant for aside 2. ( which is a separate idea on its own) +
xandram, Jul 01 2021


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