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3D spaghetti printer

Apparently not currently a thing
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A 3D filament-fed printer, using spaghetti.

Most of this would be essentially as standard. I think the hardest part of this would be getting the filament to a consistently printable (al dente) consistency.

**idea end

**aside 1
When I was a child, making a collage using a variety of shapes of pasta was a recognised activity. If a shape was too hard to make directly, you could boil up some spaghetti and roll your own. This is the inspiration for this idea.

**aside 2
Nowadays, science posters are getting more and more technologically advanced, but somehow some of the craft is being lost. It occurred to me that it would be fun to make a fully serious poster for a conference, with pasta-based diagrams.

Loris, Jun 30 2021

3D Printers Make Incredible Pastas Your Nonna Could Only Dream About https://www.saveur....ters-pasta-barilla/
[a1, Jul 01 2021]

Relevant to “aside 2” diagrammatic_20pasta_20shapes
[a1, Jul 01 2021]


       //pasta-based diagrams//
And glitter. There must be glitter (and over-use of glue...).
neutrinos_shadow, Jul 01 2021

       Actually, there are 3D printers that output pasta. I think [xenzag] has an interest in this medium as well, and certainly knows more about it than I.
a1, Jul 01 2021

       ...and since the Big Bad Wolf was dead the fourth little piggy said; "Screw this!" and he made his house out of extruded pasta and lived happily ever after.   

       ~The End~   

       //Actually, there are 3D printers that output pasta.//   

       Cool. I was all set to mfd the idea, then I saw the article reports the printer as using semolina dough, so it's not quite the same.
That's going to give a much better build quality, but I suspect at a rather slower printing rate than I imagine this method could manage.
Loris, Jul 01 2021

       // slow printing rate //   

       Pasta aside (or a side of pasta), that’s been the downfall of all of my own 3D printing ideas. Great for prototyping and extreme customization, but everything takes too long.
a1, Jul 01 2021

       I am printing a giant croissant for aside 2. ( which is a separate idea on its own) +
xandram, Jul 01 2021


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