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3 Axis Variable Geometry Wings

Wings that dont just change sweep angle but pitch, roll, and angle of attack
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My idea takes great inventions like variable geometry wings "F-111, F-14, Mig-23, Mig-27, B-1B, and Tornado" and adding to that idea. We had an airplane called the A-7 corsair from the viet nam era, this plane could move its wings forward a bit changing the angle of attack. Well why not rotate the wings much like horozontal stabilizers can be and change the sweep, you could also change one wing's sweep and not the other to do radical maneuvers. As well you could move one wing forward more and move the wing up like a birds wing moves up on an angle. This could allow increased maneuvarability at low speeds as well it could allow amazing flight control. If the mechanics of this are possible i dont see why not doing it. Some flaws i see are if the wings have fuel in them or have weapon stations mounted on them. Other than that i dont see why they havent tried this before. Another thing i dont see why they dont do is something that the right brothers did, which is wing warping, if we could change the shape of the wing, we maybe able to find better shapes that provide more lift and less drag at differnt speeds, this could be the airplane equivlant to a transmission, you could shift the shapes of the wings and positioning of the wings on the aircraft at differnt speeds just like a transmision changes gears at differnt RPMs and speeds.
JoeLounsbury, Oct 15 2003


       couldn't there just be manipulation of drag through secretion of substances from pore like openings in the skin of the plane's wing? Thus changing the performance of the wing? How would the "shoulder" structure of the plane work, wouldn't it weigh too much to be carried in a plane?
Peticelli, Oct 16 2003


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