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3d Zero Gravity Pool Table

Play pool in all three dimensions
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With the aid of either (1) being in space or (2) one of those airplanes that flies really high then drops to simulate zero-g, the game would be played using the same rules as normal pool, except it would be played inside a giant perspex cube (ideally see-through to allow spectators).

This cube would have pool pockets in each corner and the aim of the game would be the same as pool, to pot all your balls before your opponent. Of course you would need to navigate around the space in order to make a 3D pool shot, and any disturbance of the pool balls whilst doing so would incurr the usual penalties.

Using option 2 detailed above would unfortunately require very fast games, as the zero-g only lasts for a small ammount of time, or some kind of laser guided 'ball marking' system like in golf when you move your ball from a green but again in 3D, although you'd have to get all the balls back into position very quickly.

libertygames, Feb 24 2011

3D Billiards/Pool 3D_20Billiards_2fPool
[hippo, Feb 25 2011]


       Where's the friction to slow the balls down? Playing a single shot could take hours.
hippo, Feb 24 2011

       In space all your balls are going to end up sitting against the air vent.
MechE, Feb 24 2011

       Virgin Galactic could charge $1,000,000 a ticket for rich people to have an hour long 3D pool game in space.   

       From the friction standpoint you could use wiffle balls with low mass that would be slowed down by the air very quickly.
DIYMatt, Feb 24 2011

       Air will provide some friction. Perhaps it can be played in a big cube of water? Pool pool?
daseva, Feb 24 2011

       I was just about to suggest the SCUBA version , but I seem to have been beaten to it - balls made to be the same density as the water.   

       [+] though.
TomP, Feb 24 2011

       Virtually bakeable.
MaxwellBuchanan, Feb 24 2011

       Search 3D Billiards/Pool. I think it's under sports/ billiards/ levitation.
Zimmy, Feb 25 2011

       Linked. But it's an idea so incoherent and so much based on a half-remembered sci-fi story the author may once have read that it's almost impossible to say whether it makes this idea redundant.
hippo, Feb 25 2011

       I think Max is on to the right answer. Do it in a virtual-reality simulator that doesn't have to bother with the real physics of Newton's first law.
RayfordSteele, Feb 25 2011

       I've removed the link, but am leaving the account and post. (I don't think we know that the post was merely an excuse to place the link.) To call in airstrikes on spam, don't annotate, please send email to bakesperson@gmail.com. Thanks!
jutta, Apr 03 2011

       Hippo, it was from a story I, myself wrote. The game was part of it.   

       Unpublished, I guess due to my obvious inability to frame coherent thoughts for readers. I went pro in something else.   

       + for the idea.
Zimmy, Apr 07 2011


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