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3d with chromatic aberration

Exploit chromatic abberation to create 3d effect
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Ever since I was told I had an astigmatism and got glasses to match there have been rather significant chromatic aberrations at the edge of each lens (red/yellow or blue depending on which side). The cool part is that certain colors will appear offset (z) compared to other colors. For instance, looking at a whiteboard with red and blue writing, the red text will appear to 'popout' and the blue with appear inset. Thats what I think is going on, but I could just be losing my mind.

The idea is to exploit this 3d effect by generating graphics with these colors intentionally to produce the effect on objects. This would take some experimentation and but red-er shades could used for negative z, and blue-er for positive z. Not practical for full color objects, and a very limited market, but for other people with an astigmatism a cheap "no extra glasses required" possibility.

tjhenry, Jun 23 2011




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