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400kv Volt Water

pass 400,000 volts through water then bottle it
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Evo Transmission are the owners of one of the main 400kv power lines in the UK. Being a progressive company, they have decided to diversify and take advantage of some of their incidental assets, one of these being a large fresh water lake.

Not content with simply bottling and selling the water, Evo have attached a spur to their network that passes the full 400kv through the water as it flows through a significant piece of fully insulated apparatus.

The emerging water is then bottled (in glass bottles) and marketed under the Evo brand name, with elaborate and daring esoteric benefits not being claimed, but seriously implied.

xenzag, Apr 01 2019

William Osman: Trying Dangerous Life Hacks 2 https://www.youtube...watch?v=5sLHS_0EDRY
Includes an attempt at electrode-boiling water [notexactly, Apr 01 2019]

Big Clive: many videos on electrode boilers https://www.youtube...om+electrode+boiler
[notexactly, Apr 01 2019]


       I thought we agreed not to give the homeopaths any new ideas!?!
Sgt Teacup, Apr 01 2019

       sp: 400kV Water.   

       A hint of violet food coloring might suggest an after-effect of highly-charged water. Good for business.
whatrock, Apr 02 2019


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