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44 key piano

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Piano keys redesigned so that they are turned 45 degrees, so that they are diamond-shaped when viewed from the front, with ridges running along the center length. Instead of pressing downward, they can now press down-leftward and down-rightward, with each action activating a different hammer and therefore different note. Each key plays one of two notes, e.g. starting from the low end, downward-left plays an A while downward-right is Bb, then B/C, C#/D, and so on.

Obviously this creates a problem with being unable to play two half-step notes simultaneously but this is easily corrected by using a second 44 key piano when necessary.

tatterdemalion, Apr 21 2012


       [ ] Nifty but requires tentacles or some other type of appendage which could do that without injury.
FlyingToaster, Apr 21 2012

       Eighty eight fingers Louie approved.   

       If the keys were dimpled or spooned on the top to give the fingertips some lateral traction it might work.
Alterother, Apr 21 2012

       The dividing line would have to start right at the top and the left-right key movement almost totally unsprung: fingers don't do weighted lateral movement.
FlyingToaster, Apr 21 2012

       Pressing downwards sounds both notes simultaneously?
pocmloc, Apr 21 2012


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