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4:33 4'33" 433 @ 433

Lest We Forget
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Every day, at 4:33, an orchestra of 433 people or 4 groups of 33 people if you can't find enough, perform 4'33" in strict silence (as it should be).

If you can find a place with the number 433 on the front, and perform outside it then that's another layer of 4-33ness you can add to the mix.

UnaBubba, Jun 03 2012

4'33" http://en.wikipedia...i/4′33″
John Cage's silent work [csea, Jun 03 2012]


       Or they could just perform once a year on 4/33 i.e. 5/02. Oops! Too late this year!

       There could be a revival in April or May of 2033.
csea, Jun 03 2012

       Thanks, [csea]. I was going to post a link when things got a little busy here.
UnaBubba, Jun 04 2012

       //I was going to post a link when things got a little busy here.// You emigrated??
MaxwellBuchanan, Jun 04 2012

       Some of us actually work, your lordship.   

       How's unemployment in your private country?
UnaBubba, Jun 04 2012

       //Every day, at 4:33.....   

       Seeing as it's silent, how do you know this doesn't already happen?
not_morrison_rm, Jun 05 2012

       Exactly. How do YOU know I'm not already doing it?
UnaBubba, Jun 05 2012


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