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50 Shades of Goodnight Moon

No, I am not Ana's father.
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In the great red room there was some cellophane
And a wooden spoon
And a picture of
a couple, on their honeymoon
And there were three little tears
in some women's underwear
And two little flagalettes
And a pair of gauntlets
And a tight little blouse
And a young spouse
And a base, and a cam
And a bowl full of jam
And a muffled lady who is rasping 'Mphghmmm'

Goodnight room
Goodnight rune
Good night couple on their honeymoon
Goodnight welts
And the wooden spoon
Goodnight tears
Goodnight snares
Goodnight flagalettes
And goodnight gauntlets
Goodnight stocks
And goodnight locks
Goodnight little blouse
And goodnight spouse
Goodnight base
And goodnight cam
Goodnight body
Goodnight jam
And goodnight to the lady
rasping "Mphghmmm"
Goodnight stars
Goodnight air
Goodnight noises everywhere

RayfordSteele, Feb 16 2015

maybe this https://www.youtube...watch?v=9yu_g5x3ZoQ
was shade 2 or 3 [popbottle, Feb 16 2015]

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       Well, at least it's not in Other:General:Bondage
normzone, Feb 16 2015

       Wow, I'm speechless.
blissmiss, Feb 16 2015

       If this is meant to be to the tune of "The Twelve Day's of Christmas", I don't think it scans.
MaxwellBuchanan, Feb 16 2015

       This actually started out wanting to be more of a Goodnight X_ puzzle / escape-the-room ipad game mashup, but the rhymes and replacements that fit best just pushed it in this direction. At one point, the 'couple on their honeymoon,' was 'a dead tycoon,' 'a plastic baboon,'a rabid raccoon...'
RayfordSteele, Feb 16 2015

       Well, that explains it. I'm not sure _what_ it explains, but it explains it.
MaxwellBuchanan, Feb 16 2015

       Anyone with or having had children would have had and/or are having, or may soon have the experience with "Goodnight Moon"
dentworth, Feb 16 2015

       //Wow, I'm speechless.//   

       i think "Mphghmmm" counts as speech.
Voice, Feb 19 2015

       But perhaps not free speech...
RayfordSteele, Feb 19 2015


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