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9 Billion Names of Billionaires

Haystacks of passwords
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Google has taken to notifying me recently that passwords I use on various sites (including the HB) have been seen in breached password lists, often within the last few weeks.

At the same time, all the forced/change/format password strategies have gotten all of us to the point of sheer exhaustion.

Until widespread/widely available other solutions arrive, I propose the government seed such "breach database" with numerous fake ids/passwordds/bank accounts, so that the chances of a hacker stumbling on my particular password are somewhat diminished.

theircompetitor, Oct 21 2020


       I don't think the government produce or sell these black market password collections? And if they did, they would be damaging their own business model by doing as you suggest?
pocmloc, Oct 21 2020

       really, even 9 billion? they can do that?
theircompetitor, Oct 21 2020

       that was a rhetorical question
theircompetitor, Oct 21 2020

       I wasn't. And I was programming in 53.   

       Well no I wasn't, but in 83, I was. Still am.   

       The widespread solutions like password managers and even biometrics are not really solutions until they are ubiquitous and fully integrated. My banking app can take my fingerprint but not when I logon to a PC, etc.   

       Not that the proposed is really a solution beyond simply illustrating a frustration.   

       Points though for the Clarke reference
theircompetitor, Oct 21 2020

       Keyboard makers should popularize the fingerprint scanner or iris scanning technology I have on my smartphone. I'm sure they're out there, but not ubiquitous.   

       Really, I'd pay good money if a laptop manufacturer could catch up to half the technology I have on my phone.
RayfordSteele, Oct 21 2020

       Convergence. Several attempts have been made to converge phones and laptops and tablets but the big money is still out there awaiting the "killer design".   

       The problem is the conflicting demands of ergonomics and performance; big screen but pocket sized ? Long battery life, but big, bright high-res display and quality stereo sound ?   

       Various "phone dock" technologies come close, but are still far from perfect.   


       // Even 8th can do that //   

       We saw that, you know.   

       // Points though for the Clarke reference //   

       "overhead, without any fuss, the stars were going out."   

       Maybe the answer is retro tech; ID via an 80-column punched card, or a length of Teletype paper tape - so old that hackers don't even recognize what they are.   

       Remember the lesson of how and why the Bismarck was sunk - "never underestimate the potential threat of a previous generation of technology".
8th of 7, Oct 21 2020

       That's why we keep our eyes on you...   

       Maybe do the programming in GW-Basic, BrainFuk, or another language so horrid that only 4 people in the world would want to even mess with it...
RayfordSteele, Oct 21 2020

       PC face scanners are there too but still not universal. What does happen now is more of the key financial apps will take the phone's integrated fingerprint scanner -- but websites do no such things -- especially given that the browser is actually prohibited from using a web cam without permission.   

       This is the type of thing that would have been solved long ago if Microsoft was allowed to remain a monopoly... Just saying...
theircompetitor, Oct 21 2020

       // another language so horrid that only 4 people in the world would want to even mess with it... //   

       Forth ...
8th of 7, Oct 21 2020

       //If Microsoft was allowed to remain a monopoly.//   

       Yes. 8th of 7 would be twitching in a corner somewhere perpetually rebooting himself under a Blue Screen of Death exception error, we'd all be asking Clippi instead of Siri about the weather, and a tire rotation would've required a registry update in my car's ECM.
RayfordSteele, Oct 21 2020

       And if your car wouldn't start, you'd have to try closing all the windows and then opening them again ...
8th of 7, Oct 21 2020

theircompetitor, Oct 21 2020


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